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About us

Orbiyo Ice Cream contains only 100% fresh milk and best ingredient which is good for health.
We believe that being happy and helping all employees be happy is paramount to achieving ‘Greatness’ in everything we do.
Different and exciting flavors of Ice Cream available.
Purely delicious, 100% vegetarian ice cream delight.
We believe in producing and selling products that are safe & healthy for human consumption.
Enjoy the Premium Taste of Orbiyo Natural Ice Cream.

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    Our menu

    Shahi Gulab Ice Cream

    A royal treat of rose-infused ice cream.

    Rajbhog Ice Cream

    A delectable fusion of saffron, nuts, and creamy indulgence.

    Roasted Almond

    Crunchy perfection with a nutty twist.

    Blueberry Ice Cream

    A berrylicious delight that's cool and creamy.

    Pineapple Papaya Ice Cream

    A tropical fusion of pineapple and papaya bliss.

    Guava Ice Cream

    A tropical delight that's guava-licious and creamy.

    Choco Almond Fudge Ice cream

    Decadent chocolate bliss with a nutty fudge twist.

    Choco Chips Ice Cream

    Creamy indulgence speckled with chocolaty delight.

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